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Analytical laboratory
Transparency and Accountability
   Flecha  Industrial Biotechnology Researchers
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   Flecha  Dr. Anne Christine Gschaedler Mathis
   Flecha  Dr. Claudia Alvarado Osuna
   Flecha  Dr. Enrique Jaime Herrera López
   Flecha  Dr. Georgina Coral Sandoval Fabián
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   Flecha  Dr. Lorena Amaya Delgado
   Flecha  Dr. Manuel Reinhart Kirchmayr
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Dr. Lorena Amaya Delgado


Education: Doctorate in Biotechnology (CINVESTAV)
Position: Research Scientist B
S.N.I. Level: Level I

  • Contact:
    Tel: +52 (33) 3345.5200 ext. 1330
    Fax: +52 (33) 3345.5200 ext. 1001

  • Extended CV


    1. Design, production, purification, characterization and immobilization of native and recombinant enzymes of biotechnological interest, using traditional methods of genetic engineering.

    2. My main interest is the study and development of enzymatic processes with industrial applications, combining different areas of knowledge areas such as: biocatalysis, engineering and molecular biology. My study model is the hydrolases, which are particular interesting since they have extensive application in various manufacturing processes such as food for poultry, pigs and ruminants, bread, juice and nectar extraction, production of biofuels , wines and beer, oil extraction, production of furfural and xylitol, pectin extraction, biobleaching and degumming of cellulose in the paper industry, development of diagnostic kits for detection of animal diseases; among many other applications.


    • As pricipal investigator
    • 1. Pre-feasibility study for the production of bioethanol from bagasse Campeche State. Project of CONACYT FOMIX-CAMPECHE 2011-2013.

      The objective of this project is to develop a chemical-enzymatic hydrolysis of bagasse and evaluate its potential for the production of 2nd. generation bioethanol .
    • As colloborator
    • 2. Study of the synthesis of esters by yeast saccharomyces non-fermentation in the tequila procesode: strategies to promote the synthesis of compounds of interest odoractivos. Project of CONACYT FOMIX-JALISCO, 2010-2012.
    • 3. Production of phytase from thermophilic fungi isolated from agroindustrial waste, agave bagasse and coffee residues. Project of CONACYT FOMIX-JALISCO, 2010-2012.
    • 1. J. Pliego-Sandoval, L. Amaya-Delgado, J.C. Mateos, J.A. Rodríguez, J. Córdova, A. Alba, S, Jaubert, E.J. Herrera-López (2012) Multiplex Gas sampler for monitoring respirometry in column-type bioreactors used in solid state fermentation. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment. 26(3):3031–3038.
    • 2. L. Amaya-Delgado, T. Mejía-Castillo, A. Santiago-Hernández, J. Vega-Estrada, A. Farrés-G.-S., B. Xoconostle-Cázares, R. Ruiz-Medrano, M. C. Montes-Horcasitas, M. E. Hidalgo-Lara. (2010) Cloning and expression of a novel, moderately thermostablexylanaseencoding gene (Cfl xyn11A) from Cellulomonasflavigena. Bioresource Technology,101:5539–5545.
    • 3. M. A. Calixto-Romo, J. A. Santiago-Hernández, V. Vallejo-Becerra, L. Amaya-Delgado, M. C. Montes-Horcasitas, M. E. Hidalgo-Lara (2008) Expression, purification and immobilization of the intracellular invertase, INVA, from Zymomonas mobilis on crystalline cellulose and Nylon-6. J Ind Microbiol Biotechnol, DOI 10.1007/s10295-008-0447-1.
    • 4. L. Amaya-Delgado, J. Vega-Estrada, L. B. Flores-Cotera , L. Dendooven, M. E. Hidalgo-Lara, M. C. Montes-Horcasitas (2006) Induction of xylanases by sugar cane bagasse at different cell densities of Cellulomonas flavigena. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol, 70(4), 477-81.
    • Doctorado
    • 1. Zazil Yadel Escalante (in process). Isolation, cloning, and expression of the gene coding for a xilanase of Talaromyces spectabilis. PICYT, CIATEJ AC.
    • 2. Guillermo Flores Cosio (in process). Development of a physicochemical-enzymatic process for producing bioethanol from sugercane bagasse. PICYT, CIATEJ AC.
    • Masters
    • 1. Guillermo Flores Cosio . Molecular identification of filamentous fungi producing lignocellulosic enzymes. PICYT, CIATEJ AC, México.
    • 2. Jorge Héctor Gómez Angulo (in process). Cloning and expression of a new xylonase from the 11 family of Neurospora sitophila.
    • Bachelors
    • 2. Jorge Héctor Gómez Angulo Obtaining a lignocellulosic enzyme extract from thermophilic fungi isolated in the state of Jalisco. University of Guadalajara, México.
    • 3.David Ernesto Ibarra Production of pectinases from mango peel and sugar cane bagasse from the state of Nayarit. Technical Institute of Tepic.
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